About BrainWave Consulting

We are leading providers of world-class Cybersecurity and Technology managed services and consulting services for small and mid-sized enterprises.

We are proudly Veteran-owned, and Minority-owned, and work with innovative organizations in West Virginia and across the USA, who want to leverage their technology to be successful in today’s global market.

Our mission

Our mission is to help businesses manage their technology more efficiently and securely than they could on their own. Our focus is on securing, maintaining and monitoring the technology environment so that business leaders can confidently focus on their core objectives and strategies without being blindsided by performance problems, security vulnerabilities, or other technology-based business risks.


We offer robust technology products, configured and maintained according to industry best practices, and monitored around the clock to ensure businesses can move according to plan without unexpected security or compliance risk. 



For many years, our focus was on designing and deploying and maintaining technology solutions. Today, we offer more than that – full-time proactive management of a customer’s technology infrastructure according to industry best-practices for security and efficient technology operations. We keep your systems running, well-maintained, and resilient to security and availability attacks.

It’s not just about deployment any more – it’s all about holistic management of your technology resources, from end-points to the cloud.


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