What We Do

Since 1995, BrainWave Consulting Company, L.L.C. has helped schools, churches, businesses, and other organizations implement and manage cybersecurity and technology solutions designed to enhance business operations and reduce business and compliance risk.

We have built, maintained, and secured many, many networks of all shapes and sizes.

Today, we do even more: we provide total systems management of all your computing devices (servers, workstations, laptops) and networking devices (firewalls, routers, switches), allowing businesses to focus on their core objectives, while we ensure that their computers are secure and in the best condition to facilitate those objectives.

We focus on your technology, so that you can focus on your organization’s mission and objectives – without fear of data loss or system instability.


Consider us the pitstop crew of your elite racing team. While you focus on your core business goals and operations, we manage your network, servers, desktops, and laptops to maintain productivity and security. It’s the most cost-effective way to leverage your technology for your business while keeping security and downtime risks under control.



We can work with you and your team to accomplish any of the following:
– Develop a long-term technology roadmap
– Design, plan and implement new technology
– Plan and implement migrations of data, systems, and/or networks
– Assess and implement cybersecurity and compliance controls
– Assess cybersecurity and business risk posture
– Provide Virtual CxO services (CISO, CTO, CIO) for small / mid-sized firms


Information Security Risk Assessments

Technology Gap Assessments

Secure Cloud Computing Services

Security Awareness Training

Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

Firewalls, VPN & Remote Access

Regulatory Compliance Assistance

Data Center Consolidation

Remote Monitoring & Support

Consulting Services

BrainWave Consulting offers affordable, world-class services that enable small and mid-sized organizations to successfully address cybersecurity, compliance and technology challenges related to their business.

Overview of CyberSecurity, Compliance and Technology Services

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How It Works

We make it very easy for your business to obtain the right services: First we consult, then we create a plan together, then we implement the plan together.


Let’s discuss where your business is today, what technology and security challenges you need to address, and where you want your business to be tomorrow.

Create A Plan

We will work together to craft a customized solution of policies and technology that address your business needs, and helps you grow successfully.

Implement Security

We will work with your organization to put the plan into place, enabling you to realize clear business benefits from reduced risk and better security.

Strategic Service Offerings

Strategic consulting services are now available to the owners of small and mid-sized organizations who seek to maximize their technology-based business investments and minimize their operating risks while maintaining high standards in data security and data privacy.

Tactical Service Offerings

Tactical consulting services provide business owners with flexible options for improving or augmenting their organization's technical and security capabilities, manage their infrastructure remotely, leverage cloud services, or recover from issues like ransomware.

Your Virtual CxO

We can provide your small or mid-sized organization with a virtual CTO, CIO or CISO, to help you manage the strategic and tactical challenges for your business.

Our goal is to ensure that world-class cybersecurity, compliance, and technology management, are available to progressive small and mid-sized organizations — whether for-profit or not-for-profit.


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