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Common Scheduler Service Issues

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Common Scheduler Service Issues
Last Updated: 27 Jul 2004

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The most common problems encountered when using the NT
Scheduler service are Invalid Account and Permissions,
and incorrect syntax.

Rather than trying to schedule complex commands on a
single line, you should put the commands into a batch
file, and schedule the batch file.  Much easier to
avoid syntax problems this way.

If your scheduled job is supposed to handle anything
involving a network resource, you need to ensure that
the SCHEDULER service is using a domain account with
adequate permissions to access the remote resource.
The default account, SYSTEM, does not have the
necessary access to network resources.

Here are some solutions to these issues:



One way to test that your scripts will run properly when
scheduled, is to do the following:

1: Using the SOON command from the ResKit, schedule a
   CMD window to execute:


2: Once that window opens up, you will have a command
   console that is running in the same context that
   your intended script will be running.  Execute the
   commands you want to schedule and correct any errors.

3: If you're running batch files, sprinkle them with
   PAUSE statements and make sure everything echos to the
   console so that you can idenify any problems

4: Your scheduled job should now run properly.




• Always ensure that the Schedule account has the proper
  level of User Rights

• If you're trying to connect to remote resources, then
  use UNC names, or map your drives in the scheduled job.

• Under XP and 2003, use the SCHTASKS command.