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Last Updated: 16 Feb 2003

*** PLEASE NOTE: Link(s), If Provided, May Be Wrapped ***

This KB originated somewhere in late '98 or early '99
primarily because I'm lazy... :)

Having been a member of a number of Windows NT Admin
mailing lists for quite a few years, I found that many of
the very same questions were being asked every few weeks
(or even more frequently).  As a result, I was spending a
lot of time looking up my older posts, particularly the
more lengthy ones, so I wouldn't have to write the same
things all over again.

So, I started capturing my older posts and saving them as
text files on my drive.  I had to modify them to make them
somewhat generic and relevant to more than one situation),
and I had to sync them up between home and work so that I
could post in both locations.

I would paste the entire text as the answer to a relevant
question. This was convenient for me, but slightly unwieldy
in terms of the amount of text that was generated for each
post. It also made new commentary more difficult, not to
mention corrections.

After a few months of this particular approach, and upon
the suggestion of a few friends, I started publishing the
files and posting links.  This was easier for a number of
reasons, including being less burdensome during posting,
and allowed me to control the formatting more easily.
And any corrections that were made instantly applied to
all previous links.

In 2000, a good friend of mine suggested some code that
another friend was using for displaying pictures and other
content in a frame.  He modified it for me initially, and
then I played with it to end up with the interface you see
today. I later added the search and the sorting by letter.

Originally, I would upload content via FrontPage, but I
have since converted to an FTP script which is faster and
more flexible.

On average, I'd say that I probably work on it about 5-10
hours a week...

I have about 205 links in there now, not counting diagrams
and whitepapers, and I'm contemplating a new format, but
I've sort of grown used to this format, so I don't know if
I'm really inclined to change it now.  Plus, I did mention
being somewhat lazy... :)

Again, I hope everyone finds this archive useful, and I'd
like to thank everyone who has helped make this archive
possible with links to utilities and resources, and with
suggestions and corrections and scripts.