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Interview Test – Configuring A Windows Network

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Interview Test - Configuring A Windows Network
Last Updated: 25 Mar 2004

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Configure a Windows-based network for a small business
consisting of the following users:

	• 18 Graphics Designers
	• 30 standard Office Users
	•  2 Power Users

The network should support the following functionality:

	• Firewall
	• Internet Access
	• Internal/External Email
	• Fax Server
	• 100GB+ of Storage
	• Storage Quotas
	• E-commerce Web Site w/Database Back-end
	  (100GB database & 20,000 hits/day)
	• Backups of All Servers

Be prepared to explain which of the following criterion
your chosen configuration favors, and why you chose that

	• Performance
	• Availability/Redundancy
	• Recoverability

Feel free to indicate any additional software or hardware
that you would need to purchase in order to complete this
deployment, as well as your solution for backups.

Be sure to indicate exactly where each piece of equipment
will go, and how it will be configured, particularly the
IP Addresses, RAM, Network Equipment and Hard Drives.
The more details the better...

It will be presumed that anything not explicitly mentioned
in your network configuration or diagrams, does not exist.

Please bear in mind that there is no single “right answer”.
Just make choices that are consistent with the goals of
your configuration.

NOTE: You are NOT required to use/install all hardware or
      use all available networks...


Listed below is the pool of equipment from which you can
setup this new network:

   2 ea -- v.92 External Modems
   3 ea -- Routers
   3 ea -- Firewall Appliances
   4 ea -- 24-port 10/100 AutoSensing Switches
   2 ea -- 16-port 10/100/1000 AutoSensing Switches
  70 ea -- 100 Mbit Network Cards
  30 ea -- Gbit Network Cards

  80 ea -- 256MB DIMMs
  60 ea -- 512MB DIMMs
  30 ea -- 1GB DIMMs

  10 ea -- Dual Processor Systems w/6 drive bays
   8 ea -- Quad Processor Systems w/12 drive bays
  30 ea -- 18GB HotSwap Drives
  40 ea -- 36GB HotSwap Drives
  40 ea -- 73GB HotSwap Drives

  40 ea -- Workstations w/80GB EIDE Drive
  20 ea -- Workstations w/120GB ATA RAID Drives

AVAILABLE NETWORK ADDRESSES -- Internal -- Internal --- External

NOTE: You are NOT required to use/install all hardware or
      use all available networks...


Please indicate below how your equipment will be configured: