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Issues With Multi-OS Systems

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Issues With Multi-OS Systems
Last Updated: 04 Nov 2003

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Here are some issues that you may encounter when operating
multiple versions of Windows on the same system:





Sometimes, people are tempted to install the same app
across both OSes in their dual-boot config. And, to
save space, they'll install it to the same location.

	OS #1 ............ Windows 2000 on C:
	OS #2 ............ Windows XP on D:
	Common App ....... MS Office on E:

Now, while this seems like a good idea in theory, it is
a very bad idea in practice. Why, you ask?

Well, for one thing, why have the same apps installed
under each OS?  For the most part, a dual-boot should
be used for training purposes, or because you have some
apps which work well ONLY under one OS, which is not
your primary OS.

My biases aside, here's the problem you'll face:  You
will have to install the application twice (once from
each OS) if it involves the registry.  And, once you've
done that, you'll have one heck of a time updating it.
Because, once you've updated to SR-1 of Office on your
XP install, you'll find it difficult to update to SR-1
from the Windows 2000 install.

So, if you *must* install the same apps under both
instances, do it to different locations. This whole
issue, btw, is another advantage for the Virtual OS


• Don't make the mistake of installing the same
  applications under each instance of the OSes
  that you're dual/multi booting -- especially
  if these applications use the registry.