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Migrating An IIS Server To New Hardware

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Migrating An IIS Server To New Hardware
Last Updated: 25 Jun 2004

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The *best* overall solution would be to install the new
server cleanly, configure IIS, and restore the data or
republish the website(s) from the old server to the new.

Other methods [1] involve cloning the drives or restoring
an entire backup of the current server to the new box,
then reinstalling the OS to obtain the appropriate drivers
and reapply the necessary service packs.

You end up with more junk this way....

This applies to other types of servers besides IIS


There are a few tools to migrate IIS servers, and they
are listed below:


IMO, the primary purpose of cloning is to make a perfect
backup of an existing system for backup/archival, or to
migrate to new storage on the same box.