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Server Application Installation Sequence

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Server Application Installation Sequence
Last Updated: 29 Sep 2001

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Here is the Microsoft approved sequence for installing and
configuring various BackOffice applications:


NOTE: Although MS mentions installing SP3 as a
      pre-requisite step for IIS4 and Proxy2, it has been
      my experience that this is not true for either. You
      can start with SP4-6 without issue (other than a
      silly complaint via dialog box). In fact, they make
      the same note for both apps.

      OTOH, regarding the issue of installing IE5 on a
      server running IIS4, I would take the Microsoft
      recommendation to avoid this combination very, very
      seriously. Under high volume, it causes far more
      problems than it's worth.

      This was mostly because IE5.0 upgraded VBScript to
      version 5.0, which caused an increase in ASP script
      errors on IIS. Upgrading to at least VBScript 5.1
      or 5.5 is advisable, ESPECIALLY if you decide to
      install IE5 on the IIS server.