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Configuring Windows For Automatic Logon

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Configuring Windows For Automatic Logon
Last Updated: 04 Jul 2004

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Although it is generally considered an unsafe procedure,
you can configure your NT/2000 system so that it will
automatically logon whenever you boot it up, without you
having to contend with CTRL-ALT-DEL.

Because the Account and Password information is stored in
the registry IN PLAIN TEXT, it is not advisable that you
use this with machines whose registries are remotely
accessible, or with accounts that have extensive authority
within your domain.

NOTE: Although I haven't found it mentioned anywhere in
      the Microsoft Knowledgebase, configuring autologon
      using TweakUI in Win2K results in an Encrypted
      Password in the registry.


AutoLogon can be configured manually...


...or with tools...

• AutoLogon ..............
• AutoLog ................ Resource Kit
• TweakUI ................ Resource Kit


• Rather than automatically logging on, it is a much
  better idea to try and run the programs in question
  as a service...

• Using the TweakUI method in Win2K will result in an
  encrypted password, not a plaintext one.